The Life of Value Assessment

  • If the world was filled with thriving communities built on foundational values?
  • If extraordinary companies within those communities inspired their employees to find purpose in their work and lives?
  • If the people in those communities and companies lived lives of purpose, filled with meaning and value?
  • If those communities, companies and people set a new standard of value for all those to follow in the next generation.
  • If you had a role in the leading the evolution towards Living a Life of Value?
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Welcome to the Life of Value Assessment

Our mission is to provide you and your organization with the tools to put your people first to help your organization maximize engagement, experience, satisfaction, and impact.

Employees and leaders want to be engaged. They want to have involvement and guidance in the development of their own lives and careers. If you want to get the best out of your people – you have to invest in them. Invest in them financially, intellectually, and relationally. It's not just about ROI anymore, it is about RORI - Return on Relational Investment.

What do you value? How do you plan to fulfill those values?

Our assessment process begins with an understanding of two fundamental concepts: The Five Forms of Value, and The Four Pathways to Fulfillment.There are no "correct" values to covet or disregard, and no "right" way to navigate your pathways towards the values that are important to you. The Life of Value program is designed as a road map towards the values you want out of life. It is your journey, because it is your life. Consider us to be your guides along the way.
The Life of Value program encourages you to think more deeply about what you value, why you value it, where you are spending your time today, and most importantly we will provide you with tangible steps they can take to live a more fulfilled life.