Paths Towards Purpose

As you think about your life in the past, present, and future.

Consider the pathways where you have found value in the past. Think about how those pathways have changed over time, and how you imagine them changing in the future. It is impossible to navigate all pathways at the same time but over the course of life, we can live a life of value in all pathways of life.

Personal -
Discover WHO you are and how you feel about yourself. Consider how you perceive yourself in relative to who you want to become.
Professional -
Figure out WHY you exist. Understand your gifts, talents, experiences and how you can use these skills to do meaningful and impactful work.
Company -
Are you a part of company that has a purpose that resonates with who you are and why you exist? How connected are you to the purpose/mission? How engaged and united are the people?
Community -
Explore your willingness to invest your time, talent and treasure back into your community. Are there causes and groups that you are passionate about and want to support? Do you have opportunities and resources to give back to the people and organizations around you?