The Five Forms of Value

What do you value financially, intellectually, relationally, personally, and spiritually? Consider the examples listed below, and think about what each of these forms of value means to you.

NOTE: This list is by no means meant to be all-encompassing. Consider it a prompt to help you start thinking your personal values.

Spiritual -
God, Purpose, Love, Legacy, Selflessness, Higher Meaning, Servant, Bigger Story/Picture, Vision, Awareness Beyond Self, Moral Compass. Acceptance, Blessings, Interconnectedness.
Personal -
Feeling, Personal, Self-Worth, Moral Code, Values, Fulfillment, Self-Awareness, Humility, Compassion & Empathy, Resilience, Integrity, Self-Love/Respect, Personal Acceptance, Evolution
Relational -
Heart, People, Community, Family, Friendships, Mentor/Mentee, Work Engagement, Bond/Interconnectivity, Diversity, Availability, Trust & Credibility, Authenticity, Significance.
Intellectual -
Brain, Process, Mentorship, Professional Groups, Skills & Knowledge, Curiosity, Desire, Continual Growth, Level of Job Experience (hierarchy), Pursuit of Truth.
Financial -
Money, Profit, Security, Freedom, Accessibility, Opportunity, Peace, Comfort, Philanthropy.